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Carl DeReese only wants to survive junior high school in the Salt Lake City suburbs, but in an era when teachers are afraid of the students, some of his behavior is misdiagnosed as threatening.[More]

Blogs of Wrath: Author Video

March 11, 2010

Reading and Discussion

March 3, 2010

Zack and Todd are going to read from Blogs of Wrath on Monday, March 8 at the Salt Lake City Library following Josh Hanagarne’s blogging workshop presentation. This is part of Teen Tech Week, a national initiative sponsored by YALSA, (Young Adult Library Services Association) Reading starts at 5:30 PM. Discussion to follow.

Blogs of Wrath receives national recognition!

February 14, 2010

Blogs of Wrath was chosen as a recommended selection for young adult readers by the Boys Read Organization. From “Our mission is to transform boys into lifelong readers. We are an organization of parents, educators, librarians, mentors, authors, and booksellers.”

Many thanks to John and everyone at Here is the link to their blogthat talks about Blogs of Wrath.

Today’s book signing.

February 6, 2010

We will be signing copies of Blogs of Wrath today at Graywhale in Salt Lake at 208 S 1300 E from 2 until 4. Books will be available for $12.99. If you already have a copy, bring it and we’ll be happy to sign it. Come and chat with us about the book…or anything you want. We hope to see you.

Book Signing this Saturday!

February 2, 2010

Sarah Palin had a mob of people camp out overnight for her book signing in December. Zack and I just hope you can find the time to drop by this Saturday at the U of U location of Graywhale (208 South 1300 East) from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Graywhale will have copies on sale for $12.99 and we will be happy to sign them. If you already own a copy, bring it and we’ll sign it, too. Or if you just want to chat, hang out, or whatever, you’re invited.

Thank you, Jared, Shannon, and Tomo!

January 28, 2010

Jared Leto and Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker backstage and live on X96.

Author Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker with Jared Leto at X96 Nightmare Before Xmas 11/30/09.

Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker and Zack D. Shutt would like to thank Thirty Seconds To Mars for listing Blogs of Wrath as the pick of the week in the latest Transmission. If you haven’t bought a copy of their new album This is War, we recommend it highly. Thanks guys!

Potter Syndrome

January 24, 2010

Many of you may not be aware of Potter Syndrome, but it is a pivotal part of the storyline in Blogs of Wrath. We invite you to read the book and learn more about this. It is something that I had personal experience with as a junior high student. -Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker

First Book Signing Event!

January 20, 2010

Join Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker and Zack D. Shutt for their first official book signing at Graywhale Entertainment at 208 South 1300 East on Saturday, February 6th from 2 pm to 4 pm. New copies will be on sale, or you can bring an existing copy for us to sign. Feel free to ask us any questions about the book. You can also see Zack’s new tattoo. (It has something to do with a major character in the book.) Please tell all of your friends to join us. Thanks to Jon Tueller at Graywhale for being punk rock enough to host a book signing in his store.

Todd & Zack interviewed in the Tek Report.

January 14, 2010

(Before you read this, the Tek Report is a weekly publication that is sent out to people in the Radio and Record industry. It features new music and reports on what radio stations are playing nationally. The first little bit of the interview talks about radio and X96.)

The Tek Report … of Wrath

This week we Highlight the new book release Blogs Of Wrath from Todd “Nuke’em” Noker and Zack D. Shutt of X96 Salt Lake City..

Why a book, you ask, because throughout music history, authors and their works have been inspirations to artists and the songs they write. I.e. Rush & Collective Soul; Ayn Rand, Rage Against The Machine; Steinbeck, Muse; George Orwell, Our Lady Peace; Mark Van Doren, Silverchair; CS Lewis…..and the list goes on with this book, destined to inspire as well…

TEK: Hi, Todd and Zack…….so let’s start with you Todd as you’ve been at X96 forever…….when did you start and when did you become PD?????
Todd: I have been at X96 for quite a while—since it launched in February of 1992. I started out doing evenings, then afternoons, mid-days, and now I’m back to afternoons. I served as Production Director, Assistant Program Director, Music Director, and then was promoted to Program Director in 2003. I still have razorblade scars on my fingertips from cutting and splicing tape. The technology of today is much safer.

TEK: How has the station been doing under your command, and I hear you had GREAT new ratings.
Todd: X96 is fortunate to have what I consider to be the best talent in the country. Radio from Hell with Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred, and Gina Barberi is unquestionably the best morning show in the market. Marci Wiser was recently added to the mid-day position and she killed it in the December PPM. I handle afternoons, and Corey O’Brien does an all request show from 7 PM to midnight. He’s been giving away Gold Record plaques from the wall, and recently awarded the company Christmas tree that hadn’t been boxed up yet. His ratings were spectacular—even beating the shit out of the four CHR/rhythmic stations in the market.
Overall, we had a dominant performance in the December PPM with a solid 5.1 (6+), putting us at #4 in the market. That’s in the most crowded city in the nation with two active rock stations, two classic rock station, three Hot AC’s, four CHR’s … you get the idea.

TEK: So how did a major market PD, DJ and football referee get into writing books????
Todd: I was always the nerd in high school reading Stephen King and actually enjoying the assigned reading of classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Grapes of Wrath. I gave writing a serious attempt at age 21.

TEK: This is now your 3rd book. Tell us a brief summary about the first two and successes and a bit about story lines.
Todd: Path of Totality was my first novel. It is a dark and awful story that turns out to have some odd similarities to the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping—although the book was written several years before that unfortunate situation. Rated F is a satire about censorship gone too far where an idiot in Provo, Utah decides to edit R-rated rental movies to make them wholesome. Rated F earned me some minor recognition and critical praise, and a trip to New York City where the publisher featured me and my book in some national print advertisements.

TEK: Now you have a partner from the radio station, Zack Shutt……how’d you meet Zack and how’d he get involved and Zack, how’d you get to X96.
Todd: Zack was a huge X96 fan when he was a teenager. Our first contact was an e-mail from him pestering me to allow him to be our website CD critic! After getting to know him, it was obvious to me that he was clearly gifted as a writer and web-designer.
Zack: As Todd said, I pestered my way into the building, so to speak. When the position for web designer opened up, I applied and was hired. I’ve been full time at X96 for two years now, but I’ve been involved with the station since I was 14 years old.

TEK: Finally, lets talk about the new book – title, premise, the book reads like a blog?????
Todd: We wrote the book in blog form, and that idea came from Zack’s personal blog. I had to play the role of a mentor to this young man while he was mind-fucked by his school administration.
Zack: I still have a link to some of my old blog posts from 2002; it’s just something I’ve always kept up with. It wasn’t until junior high that the administration and students began really reading what I was posting online. It was a genuine and uncensored account of what it’s truly like growing up in a post-Columbine world.
Todd: I remember getting hooked on his blog, keeping up to date about some of his real life drama. After staying up way too late reading his older blog posts and not really believing that it was entirely true.
Zack: It was all definitely true, which made for an interesting read. It wasn’t unheard of for teachers to comment on my most recent entries in the classroom.
Todd: And then I had the idea that a story told as a blog had the potential to captivate a young adult audience.

TEK: How about the characters in the book – any music related stories???? Do they really go to the BIG ASS Show????
Zack: The main character (Carl) loves everything from Depeche Mode to Reel Big Fish. Artists like The Aquabats, The Smiths, Oingo Boingo, and even Johnny Cash are mentioned throughout the book.
Todd: Zack just got a tattoo of Mr. Cash as a matter of fact. There is some product placement for X96, in fact. The main characters of the book go to the X96 Big Ass Show where AFI, Reel Big Fish, Papa Roach, and Yellowcard perform.

TEK: Is any of the book true????
Todd: There is truth in every work of fiction. Far too much of my real teen years are included in Blogs of Wrath.
Zack: Some of the experiences where Carl finds himself in trouble with the school administration are borrowed from my junior high years. We began writing this book when I was still in junior high and I often found myself throwing in things that happened to me that particular day into the story.
Todd: Part of the storyline involves the main character expecting the birth of a sibling and things go terribly wrong. I struggled with two different occurrences of baby sisters dying at birth when I was a little kid. A newborn baby in a casket is a horrible sight to endure.

TEK: What kind of goals do you have with this new book and how being distributed……..
Zack: We want to tell this story to be read by as many people as possible. There are many aspects to learn from the younger generation.
Todd: We want to be in Oprah’s Book Club! Truly, though, this book is an important story to tell. We’re finding that young people and their parents are relating to this tale. I think it is this generation’s Catcher in the Rye.

TEK: Are there plans on doing more together?????
Zack: I think so. Todd is one hell of a creative guy and my mentor, I think we work very well together and I’d love to do something with him in the future. Plus he likes Johnny Cash.
Todd: There is certainly an idea brewing in our heads; we’ll more than likely have to get it on paper or my brain may explode.

TEK Last thoughts – closing……..
Zack: I’m not the only kid who struggled through junior high both emotionally and otherwise. Although the main character goes through his fair share of difficulties I think our book gives a sense of hopefulness to young people. Things always get better.
Todd: And if you’re a parent of teens and want to know what they’re up to, then this book is for you. Or if you remember dreading walking through the doors of junior high, then Blogs of Wrath will provide many nightmares about your own experience growing up.
For more details on Blogs of Wrath by Todd “Nuke ‘Em” Noker & Zack D. Shutt, please go to
“Raw, vivid, and very real.” -Jeff Vice, Deseret News
” A page-turner … memorable, poignant, and above all, entertaining” -Nicole Stansbury, author of Places to Look for a Mother
“Blogs of Wrath manages to filter classic teen angst through modern tech-speak shorthand and first-person self-consciousness without compromising the good ol’ 1.0 standards of detail and writing.” Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly
“You feel the isolation of being a teenager and yet hope at the same time – it will suck you in and take you back…must read..” – Sara Springer The Tek Report

What fans are saying:

January 11, 2010

This novel mirrors the new generation of adolescence in the U.S. Literature, as of late, has failed to cater to the changing readership of young people. In a time where it might seem that novels were a thing of the past, a thing that the new technological generation would leave in the dust, comes a piece that speaks to and about life as a young person–and the trials and tribulations that are most often overlooked.
-Ben Brehm


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