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  • nicole stansbury
  • bill frost
  • jeff vice
Carl DeReese only wants to survive junior high school in the Salt Lake City suburbs, but in an era when teachers are afraid of the students, some of his behavior is misdiagnosed as threatening.[More]

Press & Reviews

“With spot-on-dialogue and a compelling narrative voice, Noker and Shutt’s Blogs of Wrath is a terrific read … a page-turner, memorable, poignant, and above all, entertaining.”
–Nicole Stansbury, Places to Look for a Mother

“Raw, vivid and very real.”
–Jeff Vice, Deseret News

“Blogs of Wrath manages to filter classic teen angst and frustration through modern tech-speak shorthand and first-person self-consciousness without compromising the good ol’ 1.0 standards of detail and writing.”
–Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly