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Carl DeReese only wants to survive junior high school in the Salt Lake City suburbs, but in an era when teachers are afraid of the students, some of his behavior is misdiagnosed as threatening.[More]

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January 7, 2010

July 29

I get nervous sometimes. Dad says that nerves lead to pressure, and too much pressure can make you explode. When a pot of corn on the cob was boiling on the stove, he held the lid down and illustrated this theory by showing me the way the steam lifted it. When you have pressure, you need a release—a valve to free yourself. Some people have journals for this kind of liberation. Well, I’ve got mine. My name is Carlos DeReese and this is my blog.

August 1

About my name, Carlos DeReese—it is confusing to some people, because they expect me to be anything except a pale white kid with blond hair and blue eyes. The story of my name comes from my great-grandfather, who grew up in New Mexico. My mom says that it was a common name there at the time, and that’s where it came from. His name was Carlos, and my parents named me after him. I go by Carl, and I dread roll call on the first day of school, when teachers ask for Carlos DeReese. I always have to correct them and tell them, “It’s Carl.” The cool teachers make a note on their list and call me Carl the rest of the year. The lame teachers have to be reminded constantly.
It will really suck when school starts in a few weeks, because we’re building a new house in a new neighborhood, and that means I will have to go to a different school.

August 8

When I stand in what will be our new house, I wonder if it will really be done by the end of the month as they say. My new bedroom will be in the basement—which is fine, because I can have some privacy to listen to music without my dad telling me it’s time to turn it down and go to bed. Plus, we’ll have the house wired with Comcast high-speed Internet. I want to eventually get a laptop with wireless Internet, so I can design a network, but that’s down the road. Maybe that can be a future Xmas or birthday gift if I keep my grades up.

What freaks me out is people can see right through the walls. It’s not as if the house is done yet, but I can stand in what will be my bedroom and see right through the wall into the downstairs family room. From the street, I can see into the whole house. It doesn’t seem like home with the entire world able to look through the walls. It’s just boards and sawdust and two-by-fours.

Maybe we should forget the walls, and let the world watch us as we do our daily stuff. We could be a reality show: House without Walls. But then, that’s what this blog is. I’ll use my mouse and click on Publish, and the whole world will be able to read this. Trouble is, most people won’t even know it’s here.


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January 4, 2010

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Video Blog #1: The Cover

December 22, 2009

I promise that future videos will be full of excitement and joy. Or maybe we will just blow something random up for the hell of it… I like that idea.

Thanks for watching.